The Amazon rainforest is often referred to as Earth's "lungs," due to the abundant forests releasing oxygen while storing carbon dioxide, a gas that is causing global warming.

The Ashaninka Trib, also known as The Guardians of the Rainforest are restoring Earth's lungs by planting over 2 million trees since 2004. Their mission is to plant more trees to make up for the deforestation because a reduction in tree life will cause Earth's lungs to collapse.


The Ashaninka tribe is made of 120,000 indigenous people living on the border of Peru and Brazil. Originating before the Inca empire (13th century). Their territory once spanned 24,7 acres (100.000 km²). 

The Ashaninka tribe has always stayed committed to protecting the prophecies of the universe; their wisdom is of millenary inheritance. This awareness gives anchors to the tribe's values for preserving their health and the planet's health. They believe the energy of the environment is a reflection of their own internal health.

A Powerful Leader

Benki Piyãko is an indigenous political and spiritual leader from the Ashaninka tribe. Born in 1974, as the son of an indigenous leader and healer, he is designated to be the next "pagé" or shaman to carry and defend the ancestral knowledge of his people. From a young age, he has fought to protect their land and the rest of the Amazon Forest.


As of today, Benki has successfully planted over 2 million trees to counter deforestation. He has opened multiple training centers to help the younger generation preserve their lands and cultures. He is also known for reconnecting and healing people, all to ensure that we, as humans, have a sustainable future.  

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